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Dare to Dream Art Show

September 28, 2017

When: September 28, 2017 6-8pm
Where: BOGARI Furniture, 66 Carolina Point Parkway, Greenville

Featured artists:
Jane Linder - Quilts
Gerri Green - Oil and acrylic on canvas
Lou Koppel - Metal Sculptures
Kessick Wine Cellars

Meet the artists:

Dr. Jane Linder calls herself a “connector of dots.” Whether she’s designing her unique quilts, crafting business strategies, or working on another book, she starts with a pile of bits and delights in seeing how they all come together.
"Quilts seem to come out of nowhere at the slightest provocation. I could see a particular fabric that tickles me, like Dr. Seuss stripes. Or I might put together two colors that crackle—think orange and fuschia. Every single quilt has a surprise in it—something that doesn’t quite belong. That’s just me, teasing the universe." - Dr. Jane Linder. jane.linder@gmail.com, 617-816-4566  

Gerri Green is a local artist who is inspired by colors and their dynamic.  Soft hues for quiet moments and sunsets, and brilliant colors celebrating the beauty of nature displayed in the annual plants and flowers indigenous to the area.  Gentle shading and bold strokes capture the moods of the artist. 
 Gerri Green will take consignments to capture special memories and bring them to life for your home.
864-325-4239; gandtgreen@charter.net

Lou Koppel is a self-taught metal and mixed-media sculptor living in the Upstate region of South Carolina. His modern, evocative art is inspired by sights taken in during his extensive foreign travel, and by early twentieth century masterworks created by Constructivist and Bauhaus artists.  He uses modern materials such as anodized aluminum and carbon fiber and employs unique forming and joining techniques of his own development. His commissioned and spec-built pieces provide visual focal points in home, office and outdoor-living environments. lou.artscience@gmail.com,  www.art-scientist.com

Kessick Wine Cellars - Kessick Wine Cellars designs and manufactures exceptional quality wine cabinetry and wine racking at their facility in South Carolina. Kessick consults with wine collectors, architects, dealers, and other industry experts about wine racking and storage options, the complex issues of climate control, the room build-out process, recommended building materials and more. www.kessickwinecellars.com

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