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Ekornes Stressless at BOGARI Furniture


The Colors Of Spring 2017 (October 2016) - Fashion Snoops forecasts 2 themes and 46 colors that will define the new season.
All About Leather (May 2014) - Everything you need to know when shopping for leather furniture.
Accessorizing (September 2011) - Basics to Successful Accessorizing.
In The Right Light (April 2010) - Lighting basics for a beautiful and functional home.
Choosing Colors For Specific Rooms (October 2008) - The Impact of Color � Part 2.
Decorating Styles (October 2007) - Identify The Four Main Decorating Styles And Choose The One That You Love!
The Impact of Color (July 2007) - Useful color information shared by design professionals such as Margarett DeGange, M.Ed home fashion designer and Ivet Ivanova, designer and owner of BOGARI.

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